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Psychoeducational Testing


           Educational and psychoeducational testing helps better understand an individual’s academic strengths and weakness, allowing for better academic  and career planning.  Psychoeducational evaluations are used to identify students with learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, communication problems, giftedness, and emotional problems. Any student (from kindergarten through college)with any of these issues is entitled to school or test modifications. Academic accommodations can significantly impact school performance and make a real difference 

A standard evaluation includes:    

  •   An Initial Intake/Consult

  •   4-6 Hours of Testing

    • (This usually includes IQ, Achievement, Reading, ADHD, & Behavior Functioning Tests).  

  •  A feedback session with recommendations

  • A Written report

Additional tests is sometimes needed, depending on the reason for testing. 

Dr. Kroll has served as an expert evaluator in several court cases where school services were denied. He has administered numerous psychoeducational tests and  has helped many families find the right educational program and academic accommodation for their child. 

Dr. Kroll is available to serve as an expert witness in school psychology cases.